Communication disorders can be helped!

The different types of Communication Disorders

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Developmental Language Disorders/ Delay

-             Weak receptive language (e.g.difficulties in understanding commands and questions)

-             Weak expressive language (e.g.small vocabulary size, incomplete and short sentences, difficulties in narration)

-             Delay in developing verbal communication

Developmental Speech Sound Disorders / Delay

-             Articulation problems (e.g. say“cook” as “took”; “sit” as “dit”)

-             Dialectal problems

Oromotor Dysfunction

-             Reduced strength, stability and range of movement of jaw, lips and/ or tongue

-             Occasional drooling

-             Weak at chewing

Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)

-             Repetition and/ or prolongation of syllables and words at the beginning or middle of speech

-             Inappropriate pauses/ blocks in speech

-             Fast speech rate or arrhythmical speech

-             Involuntary body movements during speech, e.g. frowning, smacking lips and head movement

Hearing Impairments
-             Language disorders, speech sound disorders, poor tonal perception and voice with lowered pitch secondary to hearing Impairments

-             Difficulties in word identification

-             Difficulties in comprehending sentences in text

-             Difficulties in reading comprehension

Dysphonia / Voice Disorders

-             Hoarse voice

-             Frequent vocal fatigue or throat pain

-             Pitch problems (too high, too low, pitch breaks, decreased pitch range)

-             Pitch break in speech

 Neurological Communication Disorders

-             Aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia of speech and cognitive communication disorders secondary to ageing, stroke, brain damage, cognitive disorders or other neurological conditions

-             Difficulties in receptive language (e.g. difficulties in understanding conversation and questions)

-             Difficulties in expressive language (e.g. word finding difficulties, circumlocution, difficulties in writing)

-             Orofacial muscle weakness (e.g.jaw, lips and tongue) and difficulties in coordination

-             Slurred speech