our speech therapy team

Speech therapy

Our speech therapists are members of the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists and are members of Registered Speech Therapists accredited by the Department of Health.

We are qualified to provide assessment and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders using a wide range of tests, tools and techniques based on your individual needs.

Senior Speech Therapists

Senior Speech Therapist, Head of Speech Therapy

B.Sc. (Speech and Hearing Sciences) –The University of Hong Kong

M.Sc. (Rehabilitation for People with Developmental Disabilities) – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Speech Therapists

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist

Bachelor of Sciences in Speech and Hearing Sciences

Speech Therapist

B.SocSc. (Double majors in Psychology and Counselling) –The University of Hong Kong

Master of Speech Therapy -The Hong Kong Polytechnic University