Have you checked your hearing lately?

Reconnect with your loved ones. Restoring your hearing can restore the lifestyle you'd lost. Take action now!

What might cause hearing loss?
Being exposed to everyday noises, such as listening to loud music, being in a noisy environment, or using a lawn mower, drilling or other noisy tools, can lead to gradual hearing loss over the years.

More often than not tinnitus (or ringing in the ears) will go along with the hearing loss and may be just as tiring as the hearing loss itself. 

Hearing loss can also be caused by earwax buildup, an object in the ear, ear infection, a ruptured eardrum, and other conditions that affect the ear.

Do you know the signs of hearing loss?
Test yourself with the below questions to find out if you might have a hearing loss. 

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions, it’s a good idea to visit one of our clinics and speak with a hearing specialist.
Do you need to have the TV or radio turned up louder than other people?
Do you have difficulty hearing what is said when there is a lot of background noise and have to ask people to repeat themselves?
Do you find it hard to understand what people are saying on the phone or fail to to hear the doorbell sometimes?
Do you find it difficult to work out which direction sounds are coming from?
Do you find it difficult to hear high pitched sounds, like children’s voices? When did you last notice the birds chirping?
Do you miss out on hearing sounds from a distance, like announcements at the train station, the shopping mall or a car or bus getting closer?

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